OK so I found this thing where you work through a process which is 31 days to a better blog.  Since my blog is very lame and kind of nothing I thought I would give it a go and see what I could do.

I started it about three days ago and only today did I work out that you actually had to put the stuff you do in the exercises on your actual blog.

I have been writing them down on bits of paper – where does it say put it on a blog – I guess that was kind of implied in the name.

ANYWAY the first exercise was an “elevator pitch” for your blog.  What is your blog about?  Well how the hell should I know????  This took some serious thinking – I just made a blog cause everyone else had one and I am nothing if not a follower.

I came up with what I think is a “very witty” -read sad and pathetic elevator pitch that I would probably never use in an elevator because I cannot remember the last time I went in one.  I live in a city but have no reason to go into tall buildings – all the shops are on the ground floor.

So here it is my elevator pitch:

Vanessa Makes a Plan:- The manic musings of a modern mum.  Sit back and be astounded as she sends herself mental trying to start a business, lose weight,  sell a house and still make the school run.

see how I very cleverly put in everything to do with my life so that I can write about everything.  Yeah basically my elevator pitch tells you nothing.

Maybe I will be better with the next exercise.

“mayhem is a lifestyle choice”