I am a huge fan of Leo and his blog Zen Habits.  So he did a post recently about just starting something.  I have been trying to find ways to write this blog and doing all sorts of things but the one thing that I have not been doing is writing on it.

So because Leo says I should write more –  i will just write stuff.   I don’t promise anything profound but I do promise to try and just write my observations of the world and my little corner of it.  I will try and do it more often.

This weekend has been one of the lovliest in Sydney ever – very hot but as it is still spring not really beach weather as the water is still freezing!!  Of course I did not get to enjoy this weekend because I am a mother and a daughter so I had to spend the weekend running around after my kids, my friends and my parents.  Today, being Monday I now have some time to myself but of course now the weather is not so nice for being outside.

But I have time to be quiet and sit and I can leave the housework till later and no-one will care.  So that is a good thing.

Be Happy………