So what is this Global Financial Crisis – at first when I heard the GFC I thought it was the Global Fashion Crisis, then I realised that was just me and my fashion sense.
Maybe it is a Global Fitness Crisis, no what I really think is that it is a Global Focus Crisis.

Think about it – one minute the “whole” world is focussed on making more money, having the biggest, latest and best stuff, the next minute we are all focused on the doom and gloom.

Maybe if we focused on the good stuff in life – making it simple again – maybe less work means more time to live and focus (there’s that word again) on what is important.

I know that life is getting scary with job security not what it used to be but if you have managed to hang onto your job then maybe a downturn in “busyness” leaves us time to have a focus crisis instead of a financial crisis.

Focus on the important things in life – focus on your health, do what is good for you not what “they” tell you to do.  Do what makes your body feel good, long term not short term.  Focus on your relationships – maybe less time at work means that you can spend more time with loved ones, walk your kids to school, stay for reading groups.  Do free stuff with your friends,  meet in the park and kick a ball you don’t need to spend money in a fancy restaurant or $20 cocktails to spend time with friends.

Finally what this all means is that maybe now that we have stopped chasing the mighty dollar and the next greatest electronic toy we can take the time to focus on what is really important – you.

All the money in the world is useless unless you have your health and someone to share it with.

Why not join with me in rejecting the Global Financial Crisis and starting our own Global Focus Collective.